June of Freshman

It’s official! April of Freshman is now my most liked post out of all 45 posts, beating Heartbreak Princess by two likes. Wow! In order to protect Freshman from anyone trying to publish it as their own book, I have decided to skip May of Freshman (sorry if I disappointed anyone), continue June and July, … More June of Freshman

April of Freshman

After that super emotional March of Freshman (thank you so much for the three likes!) from yesterday, I now have written the April chapter of Freshman, following the life of Autumn Allen if you were reading my other posts. I wrote it after digging through my closet and looking through old possessions in boxes for … More April of Freshman

March of Freshman

I think I cried a few times while writing this chapter because it’s so heartbreaking. It’s one of the most different things that I’ve ever written. You’ll understand why later. It was the hardest one to write since I couldn’t make myself keep pressing the computer keys, but I did it for you. It was … More March of Freshman


I saw these pictures on Google Images, and a story began to form in my mind. I don’t have a name, but only an idea. A name will be revealed later. Basically, this twenty-one-year-old woman named Juliette meets (insert romantic man name), on Valentine’s Day. They spend two weeks together, seeing sights and even sharing a … More Paris

February of Freshman

I wasn’t in the mood to write the January chapter of Freshman, so instead, I wrote the February chapter today. Hope you enjoy. I’ll have the January chapter out soon. Chapter 6 January past in a blur with Austin, school, and musicals, before February arrived and it was Valentine’s Day. I really had no one … More February of Freshman

Heartbreak Princess Chapter 4

Since Heartbreak Princess and Heartbreak Princess Chapter 3 are so far my most popular posts, I will write another chapter of Heartbreak Princess just for all you people who liked Heartbreak Princess, Heartbreak Princess Opening, Heartbreak Princess Chapter 2, and Heartbreak Princess 3. Enjoy. Chapter 4 It went disastrously. Horrible. Wrong. Anything but well. First of all, … More Heartbreak Princess Chapter 4

December of Freshman

If you noticed, I didn’t post anything from this morning to a few minutes ago and I have my reasons. I started writing chapter 3 of Heartbreak Princess around 3, until I had a YouTube break, shopping trip, and then a late dinner. Then, I finished one of my books, finished writing Heartbreak Princess (chapter … More December of Freshman