This poem’s not really a poem, I really don’t know what it is. It’s telling a story with the same feelings as a poem, but not really set up as a poem. Anyways, thank you for the 6 likes on Thoughts on March 30th, 2016, 8 likes on Heartbreak Princess Chapter 31, and 5 likes … More She


The road trip was lovely. I got tons of photographs and ideas for poems and stories. I was thinking about writing a story about two sisters, each a separate narrator, about going through a tough move and leaving everything behind, their feelings about it, full of heartbreak, love, and family, part of which is going to … More You

Heartbreak Princess Chapter 31

Today’s blogger is @Calm quotes. The website link is Calm quotes is a quotation blog containing Inspirational quotes and thoughts from famous books, motivational writers, philosophers, scientists and other Inspiration sources. Why we love and spread quotes Sharing Inspirational quotes and thoughts is a cleaver way to spread the knowledge of great men throughout … More Heartbreak Princess Chapter 31


Hey, guys! After being silent on this blog since Saturday, I am back from my lovely vacation where I was able to come up with more poems (which I wrote in my travel journal) and take magnificent photography shots. Spring is coming, but with it comes allergy season (Allergic to pollen. Bleck.) Today’s blogger is @Meagan … More Because


Shhhhhhh Sometimes you have to be quiet Silent Because you have a secret that you can’t hold in but will hurt everyone if you don’t   Shhhhhhh And it’s not your secret It’s her secret She trusted you and never let you down   You let her down once before And you have to make … More Shhhhhhh

An Empty Promise

With three likes on Thoughts on March 23rd, 2016, five likes on If You Knew, and seven likes on Three Words I Can’t Say To You, I am immensely thanking every single person. And yes, for every single person, I’m looking at the blogs they have and clicking around. I’ve done some thinking lately, about … More An Empty Promise

If You Knew

Thank you immensely for the seven likes on Three Words I Can’t Say To You, 2 likes on Thoughts on March 23rd, 2016, 9 likes on Her, and 4 likes on She’s Not Here. Thanks to you, I have reached 500 likes. I wrote this poem while listening to the album, the Hunchback of the … More If You Knew