Hey, guys!

After being silent on this blog since Saturday, I am back from my lovely vacation where I was able to come up with more poems (which I wrote in my travel journal) and take magnificent photography shots. Spring is coming, but with it comes allergy season (Allergic to pollen. Bleck.)

Today’s blogger is @Meagan (the revelment). The website link is

After browsing one of her posts (You Can and You Will, I found this after reading the entire post, which I believe is the simple and honest truth to the world.

I’m not sure that I’ll ever run long distances again. I think running 5 or 6 miles is what I care to do. But, you just never know.

This poem was made while reading one of my books that I got from the library right before I left for my trip.



He tells you to stop shouting for help

because help isn’t going to come


He tells you to enjoy this

because no one else would ever notice someone like you

The plain, normal person that blends into the background


He tells you that she never mattered

because he was never attracted to her

Which is a lie


He keeps feeding lie after lie to you

because he’s slipping into old habits


Because there’s nothing you can do

Because he keeps forcing him on you

his hand covering your mouth so you can’t



Your throat is scratchy from all the screaming

but it doesn’t help

It hurts



And he keeps feeding the lies

because he wants to soothe your nerves


But it’s not working

Because you know the truth


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