Paris Chapter 11

I know this post will most likely be posted around nine thirty or ten A.M. (since I got onto my computer earlier than usual). Or it may be posted later, depends on how focused I am. Thank you for the 4 likes on Heartbreak Princess Chapter 44,¬†5 likes on A Walk Through the Woods, 8 … More Paris Chapter 11

Paris Chapter 10

Today, I will hopefully¬† be able to post a chapter of Paris and Heartbreak Princess, missing out on a chapter yesterday because of how busy I’ve been. Thank you for the 1 like on Thoughts on April 27th, 2016, 4 likes on What Is Love, 7 likes on Afraid, 1 like on Heartbreak Princess Chapter … More Paris Chapter 10

What Is Love

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I wrote this poem after indulging into some good ol’ fashioned poems which I checked out from the library today. They’re actually quite brilliant, and I admire the poet’s writing. With love, RitWit       When you’re afraid to love anyone after all those heartbreaks And know that if anything pushes you anymore you’ll … More Afraid