Heartbreak Princess Chapter 42

Currently when I write this, it is 11:02 AM. It usually takes me half an hour to an hour to write a chapter of either Heartbreak Princess or Paris.

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Good Day.I am Shekhar Abnave. Originally from Pune, India. Studying the Final of Cost And Management Accountant from The Institute of Cost Accountants of India. Basically belonging from the middle class family. Life is something which lots of people fail to described it. I am also not exempted from this.  Frankly I am not starting this blog for providing any information. Neither i am here for making any kind of communication.

Any way writing something is kind of a difficult job for me. And why not, i am a shity writer. Don’t Know where to begin. Living in small town in Pune, with an average educational qualification for a whole life, average sports player. I don’t have any specific significant interest to involved myself into it. Particularly I like to travel and photograph. I am well versed in connecting with people.  I enjoyed the places where i have been lived. Because places create positive influence on me. I am photographic obsessed, usually clicks somewhere whenever my mind lights.

Recently I have deactivated my Facebook & Whatsapp cause I was wrong that I could make some friends. But its quit hard. And due to my medical condition, I wont be able to use Facebook & Whatsapp, cause I don’t want any kind of sympathy words, sympathy friends/love, I want to spend my remaining life with family and I have life outside of Internet. So you can email me or contact with me by any of the social media mention in my contact info.

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His most recent post, Done with love, is a deep and meaningful poem about loving the wrong person, and confused with emotions (link https://shekharabnave.wordpress.com/2016/04/15/done-with-love/#more-341)

I  fell in love with you in a hurry,
like you were going somewhere fast which you did.
You came and went like an earthquake,
like some sort of eclipse.
I’ve spent hours, days, months, years missing you.
But then something strange happened,
and now I can’t remember why I ever
loved you at all.
You didn’t deserve it.
I should have loved me more.

Anyways, this is Heartbreak Princess Chapter 42.

With love forever, RitWit

Chapter 42

“Sometimes, I really don’t get life,” I said flatly.

Arabella and I were at a small little creek, buried away from the rest of the world. She drank thirstily at the running cold water. I crouched by her side, my hand in the rushing current.

The creek was lovely, untouched by human civilization. I had stumbled upon the creek two years ago, and had been coming here with Arabella ever since. The trees surrounded the current, offering shade and long, sturdy branches for me to climb.

Arabella looked up from her water, tilting her head slightly, then dipped her head back into the water and drank.

“What kind of world makes someone lose their father, give the role (excuse me if I sound downright spoiled) that everyone else wanted except me, have the wrong person love her the way she doesn’t love him back, and have the person that she really loves recently kiss his cheating ex, also known as her ex-best friend? Plus, leaving an entire country to run to a teenager who is currently betrothed to the person that she doesn’t love the way she should?”

For a while, I sat on a branch, my head leaning against the trunk, my legs dangling lazily as Arabella laid down for a brief nap.

Thoughts ran through my head, as I realized I was afraid to fall in love.

Robinson had been right.

I did build walls around me to try not to get hurt.

It was already dark when I rode back with Arabella, who seemed somewhat sleepy and tired.

The palace guards waved me in after seeing my face and a brief explanation about taking Arabella out for a ride and staying out.

Arabella was led back to the stables by Nick, who nodded at me and said, “Sweet dreams,” before leaving.

The palace was mostly empty and nearly silent, with the occasional maid and guard. I glided up the steps then opened my bedroom door, which creaked loudly on its hinges before entering, then closing the door behind me.

I changed clothes, brushed my teeth, then checked my phone.

Robinson had sent me several texts.

I just wanted u 2 know that I had fun 2day. We should do that again sometime.

Lizzie says hi.

Sweet dreams.

Even though I hadn’t eaten, I wasn’t hungry. Jennifer checked in on me to make sure that I was okay and not hungry, and even asked if I wanted to send for a late night snack of guacamole and chips. I turned down the offer, insisting that I was only tired.

That night, I fell asleep holding my phone against my chest.

“Good morning, Your Highness,” Jennifer said. She carried a tray with a cup of something and an omelet. “Your breakfast, an omelet with melted cheese, ham, and green onions, all fresh, with a strawberry banana smoothie.”

“Thanks, Jennifer. You’re the best.”

Jennifer smiled, then left me in peace to eat my breakfast.

While I was eating, I read The Infinite Moment of Us. Despite the eye catching cover, it was not at all the way I hoped it would be written, and sighed in disappointment.

I took out my laptop, and proceeded to write a little while listening to Shawn Mendes/Panic! at the Disco.

It was very relaxing until I checked CNN News.

The newest headline?

Princess to be crowned as new ruler by September.

I clicked on it, my fingers shaking, as all of my worst suspicions were confirmed.

Her Royal Highness Princess Hope, the current heir to the throne, is expected to crowned as the new queen and ruler of her country by September. After her father, His Royal Highness King James the third was severely injured in a car accident and later died in a hospital days later. . . .

It went over the country’s history, and every single bit of my life.

Except for this summer.

Princess Hope is currently betrothed to Prince Theodore, and has been since birth. It is unknown when the wedding will take place.

Then another article.

New reports released on King James’ death.

I clicked on that and read through everything.

It included how King James had been depressed, severely depressed, despite the anti-depressants that had been recommended. But the worst part was something else.

King James had been brain dead since the car accident, but had been attached to several machines to keep his heart pumping.

So that had meant that Dad really hadn’t been around in his last days. When I had said goodbye, part of him was already gone.

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