Just Friends

This was just an experiment to see how people liked brief short stories that I spent all of five minutes writing. If it doesn’t work out, I won’t do it again, but if it does, then I will do it again.

Thank you for the 2 likes on Heartbreak Princess Chapter 63, 3 likes on But Not Enough, 7 likes on Paris Chapter 29, 7 likes on I’m Looking At You, 5 likes on Paris Chapter 28, 11 likes on You’re Beautiful, and my ninety-one followers.

With love forever,


She winced, her face awfully pale. “I thought that we should stay . .  . friends.”

That word hit a blow. “Friends?” My voice cracks but I manage to keep a straight face.

“We’re just friends,” she said it as if she was trying to believe it. If she said it enough times, then maybe she could lie to herself, but she couldn’t lie to me.

“Just friends,” the words feel hollow in my mouth, empty, almost as if I was reading from a script.

We shook on it. I wondered if my hand was sweaty.

But it still hurts to see her laughing with her boyfriend, seeing me only as a friend, when I saw her as something else.

I wonder if she knew.

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