Heartbreak Prince

I had a lot of free time today, so I was daydreaming as usual when I thought of something. What if Hope didn’t get Robinson? What if she didn’t have to marry Theodore and stayed princess for another few years? What if Hope became confident and sure of her feelings and finally thinks she understands … More Heartbreak Prince

With You Forever

Seventeen-year-old Liam has been living Allen, South Dakota, one of the poorest communities in the US. The one thing that he has wanted to do is get out of town. Oddly enough, he has only been in love once, but that girl walked out of his life forever. . . Until best friend/love of his … More With You Forever

Forget Me

Austin and Hope’s relationship is perfect. . . . until it wasn’t. It’s been one year since Austin was caught cheating on Hope, with the most popular girl in the school, ending their summer relationship. Even with that, Hope hasn’t fallen out of love. How can you just pretend that their relationship never happened? Now, Austin … More Forget Me

Forever Sweetheart

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” -Mahatma Gandhi The car stops right in front of me. The door swings open, and out steps the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She’s wearing a pair of skinny jeans, knee-high black boots, a black leather jacket, and a … More Forever Sweetheart

In The Script

“Twenty movies, thirteen TV shows, and one hundred twenty-one cameos. In six years, that’s all the things that I’ve been in. I was cast in yet another role for the TV show called Hope For Tomorrow. I would be playing a girl named Pacific, and Mom had been emailed the script around two weeks ago. … More In The Script

What If

Paige Wilson has her personality split down the middle, ever since she had been bullied badly in third grade. Her school personality and her home personality. At school, she is popular, cheerful, and everything the popular girls want her to be. But at home, she’s always moody and negative. If school friends visited her outside … More What If

Forever Me

I was born out of a Vegas wedding, lasting only months before my parents split up. . . and my mom walked out of my life forever Hope has been living with her dad and aunt for twelve years, since her mom walked out forever, leaving Hope with her dad with a note attached. Her … More Forever Me