If you’ve been paying attention, my blog has been pretty quiet for the last few days, because I’ve been writing August, the final chapter of Freshman, and September, the first chapter of Sophomore, the novel after Freshman. Also, I’ve been writing Beauty, a completely different book. Here’s a preview.   Ophelia had promised that I could trade … More Beauty

October of Freshman

Greetings strangers. I’ve basically spent this entire day lounging around in my pajamas attempting to finish my playlist of Watch Later on YouTube, gazing out my window and seeing snow (good and bad at the same time, the bad part is that I can’t go to the library for new books), sketching, and writing. Sad to … More October of Freshman

Heartbreak Princess

His jet black hair is tucked under a gray beanie, a few strands surrounding his face, quite cute actually, as he folded his arms across his black jacket. “Are you alright?” he asked. His eyes are the color of the sea, so clear that it feels like I’m at the ocean. “You don’t look too … More Heartbreak Princess